• Guardian | 10:08 21/03/2018
    Top 10 runaway mothers in fiction

    From Nancy Mitford’s ‘the Bolter’ – so named for her serial monogamy – to the mother of Kramer vs Kramer, here are the best mums on the runDo all mothers fantasise about fleeing their families, if only for a weekend? Or do we simply crave the vicarious thrill of reading about something we know we’ll never do? I’ve long been obsessed with runaway mother stories, relatively rare in fiction. Gone Girl? Sure. Gone Mommy? Not so much. A woman who leaves her family is seen as starkly unnatural. Maybe that’s why so many of my favourite runaway novels play the subject for laughs, or relegate it to a subplot.Still, I have long wanted to play with this trope and use it for a straight-up crime novel, one as dark as I could imagine. What kind of woman leaves her family? That’s the question that animated my new book Sunburn, but it’s also central to these 10 very different novels. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 10:08 21/03/2018
    Football transfer rumours: Chelsea's Marcos Alonso to join Barcelona?

    Today’s fluff is turning it up a notchToby Alderweireld has pledged his short-term future to Tottenham, which is to say he has two years left on his current deal with the club. But that is not enough, apparently, and a sense of urgency is being generated whereby we are given to understand that if the Belgian does not sign a new contract pronto, Spurs will have little choice but to flog him this summer. Chelsea, Manchester United and PSG would certainly like Spurs to believe those are the stakes, because they are all willing to offer the 29-year-old a luxurious new home way beyond anything his current employers could afford.But Chelsea can be the prey, too. Barcelona are said to be lining up a swoop for Marcos Alonso, on the recommendation of Lionel Messi, no less. The Catalan club had been considering going for Bayern Munich’s David Alaba but Messi reckons Alonso is a better fit. If he goes, Chelsea could try to squeeze Luke Shaw into his spot. Anthony Martial is also said to be on his way to the Old Trafford exit, after his agent declined to declare that the Frenchman will definitely be a Manchester United player next season. If that seems like skimpy evidence, you’ve not been reading the Mill long enough. Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 10:08 21/03/2018
    Ant and Dec super-fan has pairs' face tattooed onto his leg

    Ant and Dec super-fan Kelvin Jackson-Bowers who hoped tattooing the pairs' face onto his leg would land him a prize holiday has been left distraught after the duo's ITV show was cancelled.

  • DailyMail | 10:08 21/03/2018
    Pensioner convicted of raping woman weeks before killing girl, 14

    Leeds Crown Court heard how the victim, now in her 60s, was raped and burnt with cigarettes by the 'Beast of Wombewell, Peter Pickering', 80, just weeks before he raped and killed a 14-year-old.

  • Guardian | 10:08 21/03/2018
    'Pretty interesting': Steve Smith hits out at Kagiso Rabada appeal process

    Australian captain not consulted at bowler’s hearingSmith labels Philander comments ‘a load of garbage’Usually, cricketers are not that enthusiastic about fronting the media. They don’t mind doing it, but would rather be somewhere else. Polite enough questions are thrown by journalists, straight enough answers are given, then everyone gets on with their day. But just occasionally, the opposite is true. Sometimes, a player will have something more meaningful to say. Before the third Test at Cape Town beginning Thursday, Steve Smith had plenty on his mind and was in the mood to share.As captain, he was naturally curious as to the appeal process that led to Kagiso Rabada avoiding suspension. As the batsman the South African made contact with, he was baffled not to have been invited to give evidence. He thought the match referee was thrown under the proverbial bus by the ruling. Then, for added spice, he said it was “a load of garbage” that Vernon Philander questioned his integrity in relation to the incident. And they are just selected highlights. Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 10:08 21/03/2018
    Black belt martial arts instructor who broke student's jaw is jailed

    Sergio Robalo was jailed for two years in Stoke-on-Trent. The martial arts instructor from Portugal broke a student's jaw over his commitment to the class in August 2013. .

  • BBC | 10:05 21/03/2018
    Pope Francis to visit Ireland in August

    Pope Francis is to visit Ireland in August, the first papal visit to the country for almost 40 years.

  • BBC | 10:00 21/03/2018
    Texas explosions: The search for the suspect

    Five explosions in the last month have left two dead and at least three injured.

  • CNN | 09:54 21/03/2018
    The man who invented hip-hop

    There's a reason the United States has no minimum age to file a patent. A good idea can come from anyone, no matter how young. (Just ask Robert Patch, a Marylander whose toy truck design was patented in 1963 at the tender age of 6.)

  • BBC | 09:49 21/03/2018
    Facebook data row: Cambridge Analytica academic a 'scapegoat'

    Dr Aleksandr Kogan tells the BBC he is "stunned" by the allegations made against him.

  • Guardian | 09:47 21/03/2018
    British architecture projects under threat from Brexit – survey

    Two-thirds of architects in RIBA survey have had projects put on hold since EU referendumArchitecture has been hit badly by Brexit with more than two-thirds of UK architects reporting building projects put on hold since the referendum, according to a new survey. More than a third said they had projects cancelled in 2017 because of the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU. Continue reading...

  • BBC | 09:38 21/03/2018
    Australian Grand Prix: Daniel Ricciardo eyes Red Bull statement of intent

    Daniel Ricciardo wants Red Bull to provide a title-winning statement of intent at this weekend's season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

  • BBC | 09:38 21/03/2018
    Find out the gender pay gap where you work

    About 70% of companies have still not revealed the difference in what they pay male and female employees.

  • Guardian | 09:37 21/03/2018
    Illinois primary election: anti-abortion Democrat wins close congressional fight

    Seven-term incumbent Dan Lipinski faced first serious challenge from progressive Marie Newman, who has refused to concedeIncumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski won a narrow victory after a fierce challenge from progressive Marie Newman on Tuesday in Illinois’s third congressional district. With 95% of the vote reporting, Lipinski, one of the few remaining anti-abortion Democrats on Capitol Hill, edged out Newman by 51% to 49%.A seven-term incumbent, Lipinski had not faced a serious challenge in a decade. However, in a district that backed Hillary Clinton by 15 points in 2016, he faced criticism not just for his views on abortion but his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and refusal to endorse Barack Obama in 2012. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 09:37 21/03/2018
    'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe

    Figures show a majority of young adults in 12 countries have no faith, with Czechs least religiousEurope’s march towards a post-Christian society has been starkly illustrated by research showing a majority of young people in a dozen countries do not follow a religion.The survey of 16- to 29-year-olds found the Czech Republic is the least religious country in Europe, with 91% of that age group saying they have no religious affiliation. Between 70% and 80% of young adults in Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands also categorise themselves as non-religious. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 09:37 21/03/2018
    Twitter not protecting women from abuse, says Amnesty

    Human rights group says trolls are winning as site has become toxic place for womenTwitter is failing to prevent online violence and abuse against women, creating a toxic environment for them, Amnesty International has claimed.In a report published on Wednesday, the day that Twitter celebrates 12 years since the first tweet, Amnesty said the social network responded inconsistently when abuse was highlighted, even when it violated its own rules. Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 09:37 21/03/2018
    Man is stabbed to death at an east London shopping centre

    The young man, believed to be in his early 20s, was found suffering from stab wounds at the Stratford Centre.

  • Guardian | 09:37 21/03/2018
    If you talk about Russian propaganda, remember: Britain has myths too | Afua Hirsch

    Britain suffers from cognitive dissonance when it comes to recognising our own great propagandists, like ChurchillWhen Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda, set out in 1928 to explain what it was, he cited not Pravda, or puff from the Weimar Republic, but the New York Times. His point – analysing the front-page stories on relief for China, Zionism in the Middle East, and a report by President Hoover on US living standards – was not that American newspapers were propaganda, but that everything was.Bernays, inspired in part by the work of his uncle Sigmund Freud, was hardly a glowing example of best practice. He used his command of propaganda – described as “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses” – for causes as diverse as civil rights, and persuading American women to spend more money on cigarettes. “Propaganda carries to many minds an unpleasant connotation,” Bernays wrote, “yet whether [it] is good or bad depends upon the merit of the cause urged, and the correctness of the information published.” Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 09:37 21/03/2018
    A judge asks basic questions about climate change. We answer them

    California judge William Alsup put out a list of questions for a climate change ‘tutorial’ in a global warming case Continue reading...

  • CNN | 09:33 21/03/2018
    Trump's call to Putin: 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' be damned

    When President Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning, he congratulated the Russian leader on his re-election as President.

  • CNN | 09:33 21/03/2018
    The key players in Facebook's data scandal

    Facebook is facing tough questions over how data on its users was obtained by a political data firm called Cambridge Analytica, and how the personal details were used.

  • BBC | 09:22 21/03/2018
    World Cup Qualifier: West Indies v Scotland - Evin Lewis takes direct hit from team-mate

    West Indies' Marlon Samuels clatters a drive into the back of team-mate Evin Lewis' leg during their World Cup Qualifier match against Scotland in Harare.

  • BBC | 09:22 21/03/2018
    Robotic dog in Dorset care home helps elderly residents

    Biscuit the robotic dog responds to touch and speech to help people with dementia.

  • BBC | 09:17 21/03/2018
    Would you give a stranger your bed?

    Belgians are opening their homes to migrants on their way to the UK.

  • Guardian | 09:16 21/03/2018
    When Putin won in 2012, Russians took to the streets. Why not this time? | Anastasya Manuilova

    Since then, the Russia’s economy has tanked and so has our global reputation, but this week has been surprisingly free of protestThe Russian presidential election concluded on Sunday with the expected result – the victory of Vladimir Putin for his latest six-year term. Despite this, there are some notable aspects: Putin’s win with 76% share of the vote and a 70% turnout was particularly decisive, and few seem to be disputing these figures – that is, at least until the main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, presents a list of alleged electoral frauds.In terms of what they voted for, a huge amount of Putin voters said “yes” to nothing. If a candidate doesn’t promise any future and remains popular, that means that their supporters have voted for “stabilnost” – something they have now and don’t want to lose. But what are the achievements of the current Putin period which Russians are seemingly afraid to lose? Continue reading...