• DailyMail | 15:25 21/03/2018
    Photobox ad cleared after 212 complaints about boy sitting on dog

    The three television adverts for printing firm Photobox featured scenes of a family having a barbecue in their garden and showed them taking a picture of their son sitting on a Great Dane.

  • DailyMail | 15:25 21/03/2018
    Cambridge Analytica researcher says Facebook made him a scapegoat

    Cambridge University academic Dr Aleksandr Kogan (pictured) claims he has been made a 'scapegoat' for the scandal and accused Cambridge Analytica of 'selling magic' to its clients.

  • BBC | 15:23 21/03/2018
    Tear gas set off in Kosovo parliament

    Opposition politicians set off tear gas canisters to prevent a vote on a controversial bill.

  • BBC | 15:23 21/03/2018
    Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man

    Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, has been named by US media as the suspect who died after triggering a device.

  • CNN | 15:17 21/03/2018
    Motive not determined: What we know about the suspect

    The man police believe was behind a series of bombings that terrified Austin, Texas, for 19 days is dead, police said.

  • CNN | 15:17 21/03/2018
    Manhunt: How police tracked down Austin bomber

    A suspect connected with multiple bombings in Austin, Texas is dead, according to CNN affiliates and local law enforcement. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports how police tracked him down.

  • BBC | 15:07 21/03/2018
    World Cup Qualifier: Scotland denied by rain as West Indies reach 2019 Cricket World Cup

    Scotland are beaten on the DLS method after rain halts their run chase as the West Indies reach the 2019 World Cup instead.

  • BBC | 15:07 21/03/2018
    Salisbury spy attack: 'Sign from Putin' says Johnson

    Boris Johnson says the attack was a warning to defectors that they can "expect to be assassinated".

  • CNN | 15:01 21/03/2018
    Mayor: 'There are still unanswered questions'

  • CNN | 15:01 21/03/2018
    Opposition party sets off tear gas in Kosovo Parliament

    Opposition lawmakers set off tear gas canisters in the Kosovan Parliament assembly chamber on Wednesday in an attempt to prevent the ratification of a border agreement with neighboring Montenegro.

  • Guardian | 14:48 21/03/2018
    Serena Williams is now a mother, but don’t expect the hate to stop | Paul MacInnes

    The greatest champion of the modern era has had to achieve it all to a backdrop of thinly veiled racism and unjust criticism – sadly, her having a baby is unlikely to change anythingWould someone please give Serena Williams a break? Two weeks into her comeback, seven months after giving birth to daughter Olympia (her name chosen from a shortlist of those associated with strength), the winner of 23 grand slam crowns was forced to endure another round of the rubbish that has been as consistent a part of her career as the titles.Williams had to enter the Miami Open this week as an unseeded player, a wildcard in fact. This despite the fact that she left for her maternity leave as the women’s world No 1, at 35 years and seven months the oldest person ever to hold that position. Without commenting on the matter herself, Serena’s deseeding has become a talking point in Florida after she was drawn against Naomi Osaka, last week’s Indian Wells champion, in the first round. The director of the Miami Open, James Blake, has suggested: “These kind of things shouldn’t happen.” Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 14:48 21/03/2018
    Tory Brexiters urge PM to reject transition deal over fishing policy

    Thirteen Conservatives and one DUP MP condemn failure to end common fisheries policy as soon as UK formally leaves EUTory Brexiters have demanded that Theresa May reject the transition deal agreed between David Davis, the Brexit secretary, and his EU opposite number, Michel Barnier, in Brussels on Monday. Related: 13 Tories threaten to vote down Brexit withdrawal treaty unless May compromises over fishing - Politics live Continue reading...

  • BBC | 14:45 21/03/2018
    Cambridge Analytica: PM quizzed over Conservative links

    The SNP puts Theresa May on the spot over the controversial firm at Prime Minister's Questions.

  • Guardian | 14:32 21/03/2018
    Russia ignored four requests to inspect anti-doping lab, says Wada

    • Wada president: Russia must acknowledge state-sponsored doping• Craig Reedie warns Russian results will be doubted without actionThe World Anti-Doping Agency president, Craig Reedie, has warned Russia that it will not be allowed back in “from the cold” until it acknowledges its state-sponsored doping programme and allows its Moscow anti-doping laboratory to be inspected.Reedie, speaking at the Wada Symposium in Lausanne, revealed Russia had ignored four letters proposing a joint inspection of the Moscow laboratory – where hundreds of athletes’ samples are still stored – alongside the Russian Sports Investigatory Committee. Reedie told the 900 delegates that without genuine reform, every Russian victory would be doubted. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 14:32 21/03/2018
    Hacking my body clock by getting up at 4am changed my life – for the worse | Arwa Mahdawi

    We’re told that Tim Cook, Bob Iger and Michelle Obama are more productive for being up with the lark. What could a confirmed night owl learn from them?“I am undertaking an important experiment,” I announced to my girlfriend recently. “I am going to start waking up early.” I waited for applause; there was none. She did not seem impressed at all. “I mean very early,” I clarified. “As in 4am. I am hacking my body clock.” Again, no applause. Instead, I detected what appeared to be exasperation. “Do you have to?” she said.Reader, I had to. You see, I am a night owl; a marginalised member of society. Since the beginning of time, the world has revered early birds and propagated the idea that getting up with the lark makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. Those who struggle with mornings have been slandered as slothful. There are even studies that posit such a thing as a “morning morality effect”, arguing that people are more likely to be unethical in the afternoon. I am not exaggerating when I say there is an entire scientific-industrial complex designed to oppress late risers. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 14:32 21/03/2018
    Boris Johnson says spy poisoning was Russian message to potential defectors - Politics live

    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and Boris Johnson’s evidence to the Commons foreign affairs committee 2.27pm GMT Johnson says the Russians have deliberately struck at the UK in a way that avoids triggering Nato’s article 5. Assassination attempts are below that threshold, he says. 2.26pm GMT Labour’s Chris Bryant goes next.Q: When Alexander Litvinenko was killed, the UK tried to stage a proper trial. Why did it take so long for the government to agree a full inquiry into his death? Continue reading...

  • BBC | 14:24 21/03/2018
    Doping in sport: Russian participation at major events still in doubt - Sir Craig Reedie

    Russian athletes' involvement at major events is in doubt until authorities admit cheating, says the World Anti-Doping Agency's president.

  • CNN | 14:24 21/03/2018
    Ocean plastic predicted to triple within a decade

    Without intervention soon, the amount of plastic littering the world's oceans is expected to triple within a decade, a new UK government report warns.

  • CNN | 14:24 21/03/2018
    How police identified Austin bombing suspect

    The clues were in the receipts.

  • DailyMail | 14:11 21/03/2018
    Dec confirms he'll host final Saturday Night Takeaway shows alone

    Dec, 42, today admitted 'I never thought I'd be in this position' as he is set to appear on one of their TV shows without his co-star for the first time in their 20-year career.

  • DailyMail | 14:06 21/03/2018
    Dorchester police sergeant accused of belittling female officers

    Sgt Stephen Hughes, of Dorchester Police, is also accused of saying he wished another female PC, the mother of a young child, was his mum 'so he could suck on her breasts'.

  • Guardian | 14:00 21/03/2018
    Bathing monkeys and a Brexit fish protest – Wednesday's best photos

    The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a humanoid robot with citizenship and cherry blossom in China Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 14:00 21/03/2018
    Don’t let the Brexiters turn Ireland into a new Cyprus | Andrew Adonis

    I know a thing or two about divided islands. It would be criminal to throw away the Good Friday agreement on a whimNobody knows the tragedy of a small island divided against itself better than a Cypriot. My father came to Britain in search of a better life. My aunts, uncles and cousins fled here in search of safety as Cyprus’s Greek and Turkish populations fell into open hostility. Decades later, the scars of that conflict run deep and raw still. My father’s homeland is cut in two, with families still separated from their homes and land by a border that makes no sense but that stubbornly clings on. Nicosia is the last European capital to be split in two by a national boundary. The enrichments of trade and friendship alike have been squandered, to the misery of many and the benefit of few. Related: Brexit threatens Good Friday agreement, Irish PM warns Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 14:00 21/03/2018
    London law firm boss quits over messages sent to married woman

    Bill Voge was the London-based global chairman of US firm Latham & Watkins before he resigned last night amid a growing sex scandal in the industry.

  • DailyMail | 14:00 21/03/2018
    Disabled Hampshire man was 'beaten and tortured by couple'

    Daniel and Katy Whelan and Gavin Buckle are on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court charged with subjecting their alleged victim to a sickening campaign of mental and physical torture.