• Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Meet 98-year-old Sister Jean: college basketball's rising star – video

    Sister Jean is the 98-year-old chaplain for Loyola-Chicago’s college basketball team. She goes beyond offering spiritual guidance, giving inspirational  speeches and emailing the players with postgame analysis. Her underdog team have caused an upset in the NCAA tournament but can she help them to victory? Sister Jean: how a 98-year-old nun became the hottest property in basketball Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Unsane: how Steven Soderbergh shot a gripping thriller using an iPhone

    The director’s latest film, shot entirely on a phone, is a dizzying deep dive into the psyche of a stalking victim kept in a mental care facility against her will. Contains spoilersThe history of Steven Soderbergh is the history of making do. The steadfast indie director likes doing his movies his way, and when money poses an obstacle to his purity of vision, he’s always quick with an industry workaround. He wanted to make a 250-minute account of Che Guevara’s life to be spread across two films and shot entirely in the Spanish language, and since Hollywood wasn’t interested, he hawked his wares with French and Spanish distributors instead. The big studios refused to release Soderbergh’s Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra unless he first recut it, so he bypassed US theaters entirely and found a welcome home at HBO. He managed to free himself from overseer shackles entirely by selling all the streaming and TV rights to Logan Lucky ahead of its release last year, using that capital to finance the film, and then divvying up the box office proceeds among his collaborators instead of suited investors. Related: Don’t call it a comeback: the celebrities who love to ‘retire’ Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Rain, a controversial lbw and DLS: Scotland miss out on Cricket World Cup

    • West Indies 198 all out; Scotland 125-5• West Indies win by five runs (DLS)Scotland have failed to qualify for the 2019 cricket World Cup after an agonising, rain-affected, five-run defeat to West Indies via the DLS method.West Indies won the one-day international by five runs on the DLS method having been bowled out by Scotland for 198. Scotland seemed on course to knock off the runs required when, at 125-5, heavy rain began to fall while they were five runs adrift of the DLS par score. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Gennady Golovkin calls Canelo Álvarez a drugs cheat ahead of rematch

    Mexican fighter blamed failed doping test on contaminated meatKazakh champion says Oscar De La Hoya was also ‘dirty’Gennady Golovkin plans to go ahead with his rematch against Canelo Álvarez on 5 May, even after Álvarez failed a doping test last month. But Golovkin also believes Álvarez is a cheater whose attempt to blame the test on bad meat is a joke and a symptom of more extensive corruption in boxing.“Again with Mexican meat? Come on,” Golovkin said on Tuesday, after Álvarez said he had eaten contaminated meat while on a visit to his home country. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Spanish publisher subverts court gag by using Don Quixote to recreate banned book

    Finding Fariña website allows access to exposé of drug trafficking in Galicia while author, Nacho Carretero, and publisher face legal actionDon Quixote famously tilted at windmills; now the Booksellers Guild of Madrid is using Cervantes’s 400-year-old novel to take a tilt at the Spanish court system, highlighting 80,000 words in Don Quixote to make the text of a recently banned book about drug smuggling available to readers online.Nacho Carretero’s Fariña, an expose of drug trafficking in Galicia, was published in 2015, but publication and sales were halted last month after the former mayor of O Grove in Galicia, Jose Alfredo Bea Gondar, brought legal action against Carretero and his publisher, Libros del KO. Bea Gondar is suing over details in the book about his alleged involvement in drug shipping. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Facebook, Google and Amazon to pay 'fair' tax under EU plans

    Tech firms would pay wherever they have digital presence, regardless of staff locationAmazon, Google and Facebook could be made to pay a “fair” share of tax under new European Union proposals on digital companies that could heighten transatlantic tensions.The European commission called for large technology companies to pay a 3% tax if they make money from user data or digital advertising in a country, regardless of their bricks-and-mortar presence. As well as social media companies making money through user data, the move would also catch online market places, such as Airbnb and Uber. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Europe faces 'biodiversity oblivion' after collapse in French birds, experts warn

    Authors of report on bird declines say intensive farming and pesticides could turn Europe’s farmland into a desert that ultimately imperils all humansThe “catastrophic” decline in French farmland birds signals a wider biodiversity crisis in Europe which ultimately imperils all humans, leading scientists have told the Guardian.A dramatic fall in farmland birds such as skylarks, whitethroats and ortolan bunting in France was revealed by two studies this week, with the spread of neonicotinoid pesticides – and decimation of insect life – coming under particular scrutiny. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:57 21/03/2018
    Facebook whistleblower gives evidence to MPs on Cambridge Analytica row - live

    Sandy Parakilas, who has claimed covert harvesting was routine at the social network, is appearing before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee‘Utterly horrifying’: ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine 3.48pm GMT Parakilas says the unofficial motto of Facebook was:Move fast and break things. 3.39pm GMT Parakilas explains how the app developer can get data from friends, rather than just the person using the app.If I use a Facebook app and agree to give permission to my friends’ data and you’re my friend then the developer gets your data too. Continue reading...

  • BBC | 15:54 21/03/2018
    World Cup Qualifier: Did this controversial wicket cost Scotland a World Cup place?

    Scotland's Richie Berrington is given out lbw to a ball that replays appear to show was heading down the leg side during their World Cup Qualifier game with West Indies.

  • CNN | 15:38 21/03/2018
    Israel admits striking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

    Israel acknowledged publicly for the first time Wednesday that it struck a secret nuclear reactor in Syria 11 years ago.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Massive government blunder sees 70,000 people owed benefits

    Meg Hillier (pictured), chairwoman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, hit out at the 'shoddy administration' at the Department for Work and Pensions which left people out of pocket.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Picture captures two stags rutting beneath rainbow

    A nature-lover captured the moment two fierce stags were rutting underneath a picture perfect rainbow in the Scottish Highlands on Friday.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Photos show difference between Italian restaurant's ad and reality

    The Italian at Redstones, located in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, has been advertising its new meal takeaway box, stuffed with appetising chips, mozzarella sticks and chicken strips.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Russian oligarch is 'hiding assets' to avoid divorce payout

    Lawyers for Tatiana Akhmedova (pictured) say her ex husband Farkhad Akhmedov is using a series of complex financial systems to keep his assets to himself, which include a £350million superyacht.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Grenfell Tower inferno is recreated in 3D digital model

    Forensic Architecture, a group of researchers based at Goldsmiths, University of London, have used minute-by-minute eyewitness accounts and videos to create the graphic.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Tributes pour in for young father who died in freak cinema accident

    Tributes have been paid to Ateeq Rafiq, 24, a father 'who had everything to live for' who died in a freak accident after he became wedged under a VIP seat in Birmingham and had a heart attack.

  • Guardian | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Love lockdown: the untapped world of celebrity fan dating sites

    As Yeezy Dating, a site dedicated to finding romance for Kanye West fans, prepares to launch, what other stars could inspire online connections?Are you single? Do you struggle to find a partner? Is this specifically because nobody enjoys the life and work of Kanye West quite as much as you do? Well, fear no more, because the internet is about to fix your love life once and for all. Related: Ghosting, Caspering and six new dating terms you've never heard of Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    French female spies who worked for the British secret service

    The heroism of the French women spies of the British Special Operations Executive who were captured in their homeland and executed by the Nazis has been commemorated in a new book.

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Investigators probe what brought down Red Arrow jet at RAF Valley

    The Defence Accident Investigation Board will look into whether a bird strike, engine failure or something else caused the crash at RAF Valley in North Wales yesterday.

  • Guardian | 15:36 21/03/2018
    'They could be twins': photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election

    People appeared to cast two ballots in southern town of Ust-Dzheguta in presidential electionReporters have photographed what appears to be evidence of people voting twice in Russia’s presidential election. Vladimir Putin returned to power at the weekend with a 76.7% share of the vote.In the town of Ust-Djeguta, in southern Russia near Georgia, Reuters reporters photographed 17 people who appeared to cast two ballots. Leila Koichuyeva, a member of the election commission, when shown the pictures of people who apparently voted twice, said: “They could be twins.” Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Austin bombing suspect blows himself up with swat team closing in

    Suspect named as Mark Anthony Conditt, 23Two people died in string of explosions in Austin this monthA man suspected of being the bomber behind a series of explosions across central Texas blew himself up in a vehicle as a swat team approached, police have confirmed.The suspect, identified by police as a 24-year-old white man, killed himself in Round Rock, a town 20 miles north of Austin, after being tracked to a hotel, in a dramatic end to a siege of the Texas capital. Continue reading...

  • DailyMail | 15:36 21/03/2018
    Woman 'raped' by Cambridge student may have 'twisted her story'

    Edward Gabbai, 30, who has a doctorate from Cambridge University, allegedly carried out sex attacks on three women after telling one he was 'into rape fantasies'.

  • BBC | 15:28 21/03/2018
    Was Claire's the ultimate accessory for tweens?

    As the high street chain reveals money troubles, a 90s tween looks back with purple-tinted glasses.

  • Guardian | 15:25 21/03/2018
    Smoking while walking? Not in New York if new bill is passed

    City councilman proposes new crackdown on smokers to protect pedestrians from secondhand cigarette smokeSmoking while walking would be banned in New York City if a new bill is passed into law.Councilman Peter Koo is introducing the legislation on Wednesday, in what he says is an attempt to keep secondhand smoke away from pedestrians. Continue reading...

  • Guardian | 15:25 21/03/2018
    HMS Brexit sticks it to the man – by tossing two dead fish overboard | John Crace

    Jacob Rees-Mogg distances himself from a box full of smelly haddock as Farage’s bid to hijack another political stunt deflatesAs the 10-metre fishing boat Holladays R8 – aka HMS Brexit – approached Embankment Pier on the Thames shortly after 8.30am, a Transport for London official came running down the jetty.“You can’t tie up here,” he yelled. Continue reading...